Piling Birmingham

Piling Birmingham is the best way to prevent any subsidence or ground movement for a building. It will not only give your building strong foundations but also maintain the value of your project. There are a number of conditions that determine your need for piling. It could be the underground services or tree roots that are identified as a potential risk in the area proposed for the build. It’s crucial in areas with poor ground conditions or high groundwater tables. Otherwise, the results would be devastating.

Therefore, if you plan on starting a new construction project, good advice, the right equipment, and experienced staff is required. And that is exactly what our team of piling contractors in Birmingham offer. There are several companies out there, offering the services of piling in Birmingham, but what makes us the best pick is our ability to understand our clients and rightfully deliver what they want. And of course, that comes from the experience we gained from spending years in this line of work.

There is always a whole new set of quick and cost-effective solutions to the problems frequently faced, which helps us carry out the process efficiently. In addition to that, we are acquainted with the highest quality of modern equipment that helps fulfill the demand of every project, big or small. So, you can rely on SF piling to handle any sort of piling construction in Birmingham.


Our Services

CFA Piling

CFA, also known as auger cast piling, is a Piling in Birmingham technique used to create concrete foundations. It begins with the shafts being drilled deep into the ground, with a single-stemmed auger. Then once they are ready, cement is poured into them. After that, reinforced steel cages are put into the wet column to create piles that can uplift lateral loads. To maximize efficiency, the drilling process is monitored by a computerized system. The data collected during the process is compared with the targeted requirements, so we can create foundations that maintain the structural stability of the building. As it is a vibration-free process, it is ideal for construction in urban areas.

Contiguous Piling

These contiguous piles are built in such a sequence that they are almost touching each other. With no more than 50-150mm gap between each of them, filled with exposed soil. However, if the client needs a water-tight wall, our piling contractors Birmingham can seal or grout them to meet this requirement of the project. They are installed using the CFA or rotary bored techniques. Hence, they require the least amount of time to be constructed. So, if you’re out there finding Piling Birmingham services that are done in less time with a low budget, this is your way to go.

Mini piled Underpinning

This particular technique is used when the load needs to be transferred from the existing foundation to stable grounds, at depths more than 5 meters. In order to do that, a needle beam is cast through the hole drilled into the ground from the existing foundation. This gives it additional support, and the foundation can uplift lateral loads. These mini piles are placed adjacent to each other on every side of the foundation. Reinforced steel is cast through which allows these piles to bear tension and maintain a strong foundation.

Reinforced Concrete Foundations

These concrete piles will give you the ultimate concrete foundations, especially when you’re constructing superstructures such as extremely tall buildings or bridges, in poor ground conditions. We, as the best pilings company in Birmingham, will assist you in deciding a well-suited package for you. As for the method, it begins by drilling shafts into the ground until they reach the required depth. Then, they are filled with cement and steel cages are put into the wet cement column. Once it dried up, it’s set to uplift lateral loads in poor quality of upper layers’ soil.

Piling Birmingham

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