Piling Coventry

Piling Coventry is necessary for structures to have strong foundations, be it bridges or any other construction project. Especially the ones that are built in poor soil conditions. Other conditions like having underground services or tree roots spread in the area of your proposed build, can be a potential threat. Piling is proposed as a measure to prevent that from damaging structural stability. Moreover, it also removes any risk of ground subsidence or movement. So, if you’re starting a new construction project, better get your priorities straight.

Upon research, you’ll find many contractors out there offering services of piling in Coventry, but what we have in special is our ability to listen and understand the concern of our clients, promise the highest quality of services and deliver them. And we can assure you that the process takes place with all the safety and health standards met.

Years of experience in this line of work really gives us an idea of the frequent problems and hurdles faced in the processes, and our proficient team of piling contractors in Coventry brings in cost-effective solutions for them. Furthermore, our extensive range of modern equipment and skills allow us to experiment with different kinds of projects and master them. So, it is safe to say that SF piling can handle any sort of piling construction in Coventry.


Our Services

CFA Piling

CFA is a vibration-free process and the quietest form of piling. This makes it perfect for urban areas or for construction where structures are close to each other. What it does is eliminate the need for bentonite or casing, for Piling Coventry in water-bearing strata. The method begins by drilling using a single-stemmed auger into the ground until the required length is achieved. This process is monitored using our high-tech computerized systems. The data collected is studied closely to match the target requirement of the project. Then, a huge slump of concrete is put into the hollow space. Finally, a reinforcing steel cage is pushed into the fluid concrete. The ready foundation can uplift and withstand lateral loads.

Contiguous Piling

These piled walls are installed using the LDA or CFA methods. They are built in such a sequence that they have a gap of approx 150 mm and are almost in contact all the time. These small gaps contain soil that is exposed. However, if the project requires a watertight wall, our expert piling contractors Coventry seal/grout them to meet the requirements of the project. This method is probably the cheapest quickest method of Piling in Coventry you’ll ever find. It works well in cohesive and dry soils. But, props like ground anchors are often installed, to provide additional lateral support (depending upon the nature of the soil).

Mini Piled Underpinning

The process begins by drilling a hole into the existing foundation wall. Then, a needle beam is cast through the hole. This method is used when loads need to be transferred to more stable grounds for depths more than 5 meters. During the processes, our structural engineers closely study the data collected to ensure that these piles can survive in conditions of extreme tension and compression. Mostly, these piles are used in areas with high environmental concerns and different soil natures.

Reinforced Concrete Piles

Concrete piles will give the ultimate strong foundations, but they can only be used in limited scenarios. The shafts are drilled into the ground and filled with cement. After they are dried, they are all set to withstand heavy loads. They are especially used in constructing superstructures like bridges or extremely tall buildings etc. Even though it’s a pricier option, and requires a lot of time and effort, it’s necessary for projects like such, especially if they’re constructed in poor soil conditions.

Choosing us, the best pilings company in Coventry will show your high concerns about the safety of your project.

Piling Coventry

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