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Piling is an essential technique used in construction works. It sets deep foundations to form any structure in poor soil/ground conditions that normally wouldn’t be able to bear its weight. This removes chances of any future ground subsidence or movement. Even having underground services or tree roots identified in areas of your proposed build can be considered a major threat. Piling is needed to prevent any serious damages from that too.

You’ll surely find many companies out there providing piling Kingston upon Thames. Then why should you choose us? Well, you see, we have this quality of listening and understanding our clients like no one else. After doing this work for many years, we know exactly what our client is looking for as soon as we listen to them. Moreover, our team of piling contractors in Kingston upon Thames is a bunch of very hardworking and dedicated individuals who put their heart and soul into each project of theirs.

In addition to that, our extensive range of modern equipment and highly skilled staff to operate is always available to serve our customers. This allows us to handle projects of different natures and fulfil their requirements. So, I guess that it’s safe to say that SF piling can handle any and every piling construction Kingston upon Thames project that comes their way.


Our Services:

CFA piling:

The process simply begins by drilling using a single-stemmed auger until the required depth is achieved. The drilling process is being monitored by our computerized systems, hence all the data gives us an idea of how the processes have been working out. Our structural engineers then alter some of these factors to meet the target requirements and maximize efficiency. After that, the shafts are filled with concrete and reinforced steel cages are put into the wet column soon after. Once it dries up, the finishing processes are done and the foundation is all set to uplift lateral loads. CFA is a vibration-less process, so it makes a lot less noise compared to other piling methods. This is why it is widely used in urban areas.

Contiguous Piling:

Generally, these walls are installed using CFA or LDA methods in construction. They are built in a sequence adjacent to each other, such that one pile doesn’t affect the other. Typically, they have a gap of about 150 mm in each of the walls, and they’re so close that they are in contact at all times. Even though these gaps contain exposed soil, our piling contractors Kingston upon Thames can convert it into a water-tight wall using sealing and grouting methods. Contiguous piling in Kingston upon Thames works the best in dry and cohesive soils, but it can be used with different props such as ground anchors to provide additional support sometimes.

Mini Piled Underpinning:

This method is opted for when loads need to be transferred from the existing foundations into stable grounds, especially when the lengths are more than 5 meters. The process consists of casting a needle beam through the existing foundation. This is done at every side of the foundation to ensure a solid structural base of the building. The design and process are thoroughly studied by our expert structural design engineers to make sure that these piles can bear extreme tension and compression in areas with variable soil nature.

Reinforced Cement Foundations:

Even though it is popularly the strongest piling method you’ll find, it cannot be used everywhere. The area, environmental laws, and the scale of your project determine whether or not you can go for it. Therefore, the best piling Kingston upon Thames is here to help you with this important decision of yours.

The method consists of pretty basic processes. Drilling shafts, pouring concrete and setting up steel cages. But, it is a little costly. So, if you’re deciding on large-scale projects or superstructures like bridges, this is the way to go.

Piling Kingston upon Thames

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