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Piling is the ideal way to avoid any ground subsidence. What it basically does is set a deep foundation in poor ground soils. Several conditions determine your need for piling London. These include underground services or tree roots spread over the area of your proposed build. Any built property on piled foundations. It is specifically crucial in areas where ground conditions are extremely poor. Otherwise, the consequences will be apparent in a few years and I assure you that they will be devastating.

If you’re starting on a new construction project, the right equipment, a team of skilled labor, and the right plan are what you need the most. And that is exactly what we offer. When you research, you’ll find our services of piling in London the best. One of the reasons behind this is that we have been in this line of work for a very long time, therefore we are well aware of the issues faced throughout the process. This is why our expert team of piling contractors in London brings cost-effective solutions and efficient risk management techniques to the table. This helps take the decision-makers some stress off of their heads.

Moreover, our extensive range of modern equipment and skill to operate allows us to take on new projects with different nature and requirements. We promise the best and then deliver it. So, it is safe to say that SF piling are capable of handling any sort of piling construction in London.


Our Services:

CFA piling:

CFA piling London begins by drilling shafts into the foundations. These are drilled according to the requirements of the project and the whole process is monitored by our systems. The data that is collected is closely studied to make sure that it meets the target requirements of the project. These shafts are filled with concrete and steel cages are pushed into them. Once the whole thing dries up, it is all set to uplift lateral loads. Since CFA is a vibration-free process, it is the quietest form of piling in London and is preferred mostly in urban areas.

Contiguous Piling:

The key feature about them is that these contiguous walls are built around 100-150 mm away from each other. Which means that they are almost in contact all the time. The gap between these walls contains soil, but if our client needs it, our piling contractors London can convert it into a water-tight wall using conventional sealing and grouting methods. They are mostly installed using the CFA and LDA techniques, therefore, require a lot less time duration. The low cost and environmentally friendly processes are more of its pros.

Mini Piled Underpinning:

This method is used to transfer loads to stable grounds from the existing foundations at lengths exceeding 5 meters. To achieve that, a needle beam is cast through a hole in the standing foundation. This is repeated at every size of the foundation so a strong base can be formed. Reinforced steel is cast through. The design of these mini piles is studied closely by our structural engineers to make sure that they can withstand huge amounts of weight and survive in conditions of extreme tension and compression.

Reinforced Concrete Foundations:

As the name implies, concrete foundations will give you the strongest base, but they may not be considered suitable for every project, and a lot of people are sure, not aware of that. Choosing us, the best pilings company in London will result in a tension-free process as our team makes sure that the best package is chosen for you. The process for this one is also pretty similar to the others. Using concrete foundations is crucial to maintain the structural stability of superstructures like high-rise buildings, bridges, or skyscrapers, even.

Piling London

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