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Piling is used in the construction of buildings, bridges, superstructures, and more when the soil itself is unable to withstand the weight and the pressure. It not only gives the building structural stability but also eliminates any risk of ground movement.

There are plenty of options to choose from who are offering services of Piling Portsmouth, but you should choose us. Let me tell you why. Firstly, we listen and try to understand what our client wants, and deliver within the provided circumstances. Moreover, we ensure a strong foundation while your work is being done with all the safety and health standards met.

Our proficient team of piling contractors in Portsmouth has been in this line of work for many years, hence they are well aware of all the common problems faced in the process. Fortunately, they provide you with the most efficient solutions and risk management techniques which are not only cost-effective but also very simple.

In addition to that, our extensive range of equipment and years of experience allows us to handle projects with different natures and requirements. So, you can rest assured that SF piling would be able to take on any sort of piling construction in Portsmouth.


Our Services:

CFA Piling:

This particular method eliminates the need for casing or bentonite to build piles in water-bearing strata. The process starts by using a single-stemmed auger to drill into the ground until the desired depth is achieved. Then, a slump of concrete is pumped into the space through the hollow stem. During the drilling process, the data collected is studied closely to make sure that the target requirements of each project are being met. Moreover, CFA is the quietest form of piling, which makes it ideal for urban areas, or areas where structures are built closely together. In fact, it is the only form of Piling Portsmouth accepted by the environment agency, as it does not cross-contaminate the underlying aquifers.

Contiguous Piling:

These piles are usually installed using CFA or LDA techniques. They are built in such a sequence, adjacent to each other, that they are almost in contact at all times. They have a 150 mm gap in between with exposed soils in them. However, our expert piling contractors Portsmouth can seal them to form a water-tight wall, if that’s what’s required. This method is mostly used in dry and cohesive soils, and often ground anchors are added to provide additional support. So, if you’re looking to get piling services in the quickest way possible, this is your way to go. Plus, it’s cheaper too!

Mini Piled Underpinning:

A needle beam is cast through a hole, drilled into the existing foundation wall. This is done when the loads need to be transferred from old foundations to stable grounds, at depths more than 5 meters. These mini piles need to survive in conditions of extreme tension and compression. Hence, our structural engineers closely study the mechanical data collected throughout the processes, compare it with the design to ensure the structural stability of these Piling Portsmouth. Typically, mini piles are used in environmentally sensitive areas with variable soil nature.

Reinforced Concrete Piles:

Concrete piles will give you the strongest structured foundation for your rulings, but only in limited conditions. Firstly, shafts are drilled into the ground, until the desired depth is achieved. Then, they are filled with cement. Once they are ready they can uplift lateral holds for a good long time. Though they are comparatively costly, require more time and effort, using them becomes necessary if you’re looking to build superstructures like bridges or very tall buildings, especially in poor ground conditions.

So, if you choose us, the top piling in Portsmouth, we promise you that your project will be given the utmost attention and skill, with all the health and safety standards being met in the process.

Piling Portsmouth

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