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Piling is a significant part of construction works. Basically, piling South London sets deep foundations that are strong enough to maintain the structural stability of the building. It is specially used in areas with poor soil conditions that are unable to withstand the load of the buildings. Other than that, if there are tree roots or underground services in the area of your proposed build, they too can be a potential threat to the integrity of your structure. Piling prevents any serious damage from them. This gives you an idea of the importance of piling in construction and failing to achieve that can have devastating consequences.

While starting a new construction project, all you need is the right equipment, skilled workers, and advice. Worry no more, because that is exactly what we guarantee to deliver. There might be many companies that offer piling in south London, but we claim to be the best due to many reasons. One of these includes our ability to fully understand what and how our client is willing to do the project. Then, we deliver to them, under the provided resources and circumstances.

The effort of our highly skilled piling contractors in south London combined with the extensive range of modern equipment, allows us to fulfill the requirements of different projects. We fully understand and commit to every project that comes our way, and the results show that. So, you can rely on our company, SF Piling, to handle any sort of piling construction in south London.


Our Services:

CFA Piling:

Also known as the auger cast piling, CFA is a vibration-free process. It starts off by drilling shafts into the ground. Then, concrete is poured into these shafts, and reinforced steel cages are put into the wet columns. The whole process, specifically the drilling part, is monitored by our high-tech systems. So, the collected data is compared to make sure that the requirements of the project are being fulfilled. Since it is the quietest form of piling South London out there, it is preferred in areas where structures are closely built together. It is widely used in urban areas too.

Contiguous Piling:

These contiguous piled walls are mostly installed using the traditional rotary board or CFA techniques. They are built adjacent to each other, in a sequence with an approx gap of around 150 mm. This means that they are almost in contact at all times. Even though the soil is exposed in these gaps, the thing can be converted into a watertight wall when our professional piling contractors south London use sealing and grouting. Contiguous walls work exceptionally well in dry soils, but often props are installed to provide additional lateral support, depending upon the nature of the soil. This is the most economical and fastest method of piling South London you’ll find.

Mini Piled Underpinning:

The process starts by drilling holes into the existing foundation. Then, a needle beam is cast through each of them. This is done at each adjacent side of the foundation. This method is particularly used to transfer loads into stable grounds for lengths of more than five meters. The data collected is studied in comparison with the design of these mini piles in order to make sure that they can survive in conditions of extreme tension. Ready foundations can uplift lateral load for a long time.

Reinforced Concrete Foundations:

Concrete piling is slightly the preferred option but is still preferred due to the amount of structural stability and strength it gives to superstructures: bridges, high-rise buildings, in particular. Shafts are drilled, concrete is poured, and steel cages are pushed into it. Some finishing touches are given, and once the whole thing is ready, it can easily bear the load of huge structures. We, the best pilings company in South London will do everything from helping you choose to install the whole thing and making it work. So, you don’t need to worry about anything, anymore!

Piling South London

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