Piling Southampton

If you’re taking on a new construction project and want to eliminate the risk of ground subsidence, piling is the way to go. It not only strengthens the foundation of a building, but also prevents any potential risks such as tree roots, or underground services from causing significant damage. Doesn’t matter if the project is as huge as constructing a commercial building or just a basement in your home, Piling Southampton is a failsafe solution to all.

Upon researching, you’ll find many companies offering the services of piling in Southampton. But, what makes us the best choice amongst them is our ability to fully understand our clients and use our long-standing experience, modern equipment, and skill to fulfill their demands. Our competent and skilled team of piling contractors in Southampton pour their hearts and souls into each one of your projects, and it shows.

Our extensive range of high-tech equipment enables us to meet the requirements for every large and small-scale construction project. Additionally, we guarantee to offer you simple and effective solutions to the frequent issues faced during the process. With years of experience in this line of work, we can proudly say that SF pilings can handle any sort of piling construction in Southampton, doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.


Our Services

CFA Piling

This method of Piling Southampton is done by using a single-stemmed auger to drill into the ground until the required depth is achieved. This process is computerized, and the data collected is then closely studied by our top structural engineers to make sure that the requirements of the project are met. This allows us to meet the target standard and maximize efficiency. Then, to ensure a defect less pile, reinforced steel is put into the wet column of cement. This method eliminates most noise and vibration, making it safer and suitable for construction in urban areas. Despite high groundwater levels and poor soil conditions, if done right, these piles can withhold and uplift lateral holds to maintain the structure of the project.

Contiguous Piling

LDA and CFA techniques are used to build contiguous pile walls. These piles are built adjacent to each other, in a sequence with gaps of about 150 mm between each pile. These gaps have exposed soils, but if the project requires a water-bearing wall, our finest piling contractors Southampton can seal or grout them. If you want retaining walls built in the quickest, cheapest way, this is the way to go. Though contiguous piles work well in dry and cohesive soils, there may be a requirement to attach ground anchors or props to give additional lateral support.

Mini Piled Underpinning

Mini piled underpinning is preferred to transfer loads of foundation into stable grounds when the lengths are more than 5 meters. Conventional drilling and grouting methods are used. Our structural engineers continuously study the mechanical data and statics coming in, with the design to make sure that the piles are strong enough to survive extreme compression and tension. So, if you’re looking to work in soils of variable nature, this is the best technique.

Reinforced Cement Piling

Shafts are dug into the ground until the required depth is reached and then filled with cement. When they’re ready, they can bear lateral loads and maintain the structural stability of a building for a long time. They give you the strongest structure, and this is why people prefer to use them despite their high costs, labor-intensive processes, and long time. Especially within superstructures like bridges or extraordinarily tall buildings.

Choosing us, the best pilings company in Southampton will portray your concern towards your project. Therefore, we promise to provide you with the highest quality of services on a pocket-friendly budget.

Piling Southampton

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