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Piling is a technique used in construction that ensures strong foundations for any structure. Be its tall buildings, bridges, or even skyscrapers. It is a must in areas with poor ground conditions where the soil is unable to withhold the weight of any structure. You sure start with a lot of doubts and questions in your head when you’re taking on a new construction project. The availability of the right kind of equipment, skilled workers and most importantly, good advice. That is exactly what we help in taking some stress off of the top-tier decision-makers.

You’ll find many companies out there offering the services of Piling Surrey, then why should you choose us? Well, you see, it’s our quality of listening to our clients, understanding how they would like to proceed, and delivering on all that within the provided circumstances. Each one of the expert piling contractors in Surrey has been in this field for many years. Hence, they are well aware of the common issues faced throughout the whole process. Consequently, we can offer you a quick, simple, and cost-effective solution to your problems.

Our extensive range of equipment and long-standing experience, combined, enables us to deal with the different nature and requirements of each project. So, we can proudly say that SF piling can take on any project of piling construction in Surrey.


Our Services:

CFA Piling:

CFA is the quietest form of Piling in Surrey out there, hence preferred in urban areas. The complete drilling process is being monitored by our computerized systems. These collect the data such as penetration speed, rates, depth, etc. That is continuously compared with the target requirements of the construction project to maximize efficiency. As for the method, the auger drills shafts into the ground, and a slump of concrete is poured into it. Then, reinforced steel cages are put into the wet column and wait for it to be dried up removing the need for casing or bentonite for installing piles in water-bearing strata. 

Contiguous Piling:

This method is used when loads need to be transferred to stable grounds, specifically at depths of more than 5 meters. A hole is drilled into the existing foundation, and a needle beam is cast through it. These are built at each side of the foundation to ensure a rock-solid structure. The design and data collected during the processes are closely studied to make sure that these mini pies would be able to survive in conditions of extreme tension.

Reinforced Concrete Piling:

Concrete piles, as the name suggests, have a reputation of being the strongest ever foundation for your structures. However, they can only be used in limited conditions, and not a lot of people know that. So, we as the best Piling Surrey will assist you in choosing the best package for you.

The method starts by drilling shafts into the ground. These shifts are filled with concrete, and steel cages are later put into them to create a strong foundation that can uplift lateral loads. Our team of experts mainly uses them in superstructures like extremely tall buildings or bridges etc. Even though they are a little costly and require more time and effort, we can promise you that it will be all worth it in the end.

Piling Surrey

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