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Piling Woking is an essential part of constructional works, especially in areas where the soil is unable to hold the weight of the structure built at varying depths. We could be talking about a commercial building project or simply constructing a basement in your home, piling forms the very basis of it all. Taking factors like the availability of technical assistance and the right kind of equipment is extremely important, in fact, it’s the thing people worry about the most during the start of a construction project. But, worry no more, because we have got the solution to your problems.

We’re sure that there may be many organizations offering piling in Woking, but we claim to be the best. And there are several reasons for that. Firstly, it’s because we listen to our client’s needs, understand what they want, and then deliver accordingly within the provided circumstances. Our clients get to benefit from the experience and skill of our proficient team of piling contractors in Woking that has been in the business for years. Whether it’s about limiting the vibration by employing rigs or using advanced underpinning methods in poor soils, our team is well aware of all the frequent problems and the solutions to them.

Our long-standing experience and extensive range of equipment allows us to handle any large or small project. So, you can rely on SF pilings to take care of any piling construction in Woking.


Our Services

CFA Piling

In this method, a single-stemmed auger is drilled into the ground until the desired depth/length is achieved. Our computerized systems allow us to monitor the whole drilling process which helps maximize efficiency. Then the wet column of cement is occupied by reinforcing steel. This eliminates the need for casing in water-bearing strata. The data such as penetration rates, depth, and rotation speed, is collected and then compared to the target values of the project, to ensure the integrity of each Piling Woking. Because this method eliminates the risk of being noisy, it is preferred in urban areas.

Contiguous piling

Piles are constructed adjacent to each other, usually with a 50-150 mm gap in between, typically through the use of CFA or LDA techniques. The soil between those gaps is mostly exposed, but if the project requires, it can be sealed by our piling contractors in Woking, to form a water-tight wall. Our proficient team builds these contiguous piles in variations of load, that too in utilizing the least amount of time and money.

Mini Piled Underpinning

Conventional grouting and drilling processes are used in this method. Mini piled underpinning is used when the foundation load needs to be transferred in stable ground conditions, in depths more than 5 meters. A needle beam casts through the hole drilled into the existing foundation to transfer the weight. Our engineers study the data and design closely to ensure the structural stability of these mini piles and whether or not they would be able to be maintained in conditions of tension and compression. Mini piles are used in areas with variable soil nature, restrictive access, and risk of environmental degradation.

Reinforced Concrete Foundations

Concrete piles are the strongest ever Piling Woking method, but can only be used in limited conditions. Our skilled staff will study the nature of your project to suggest the kind of foundations you need. As for the method, shafts are dug into the soil, filled with concrete, and the ready foundations can hold lateral loads. Despite being a little costly, concrete foundations are needed in superstructures like bridges, tall buildings to maintain a strong structure in poor ground conditions.

Hiring the best pilings company in Woking would not only show your concern towards the work standard in terms of health and safety, and also your dedication and quality of work.

Piling Woking

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